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How can you increase the efficiency of your solar panel

Jul 24

Solar panels are beneficial for the environment and can help save money on your electricity bill However, did you realize that certain elements affect how efficient your panels will be? The materials, the installation and weather conditions can influence the effectiveness of solar panels. In this post, we'll speak about the factors that influence the efficiency of solar panels and how you can do to ensure that you get maximum energy from your solar panel system.

What is what is Efficiency?

What exactly do we refer to when we speak of efficiency of solar energy? In simple terms efficiency is the amount of energy that solar panels can generate. It is also possible to evaluate efficiency by comparing input and output. Efficiency is the ratio of input energy (energy from the sun) to the output energy (or the energy generated by your solar panels). This is how efficiency is calculated. Call a solar panel company in Phoenix, if you're thinking of installing solar panels on your property.

What factors affect the efficiency of solar panels?

The panel's construction and the environment around it could have an impact on the production of energy and its efficiency. Solar cell efficiency is a measure of a panel's capability to convert high amounts of energy. Certain materials perform better than others. Poorly constructed panels are unable to have the optimal light exposure, which decreases the efficiency.

Arizona energy services states that high-quality panels are essential for the solar cell's efficiency. They also recommend that you do all you can to ensure that they perform well.


Panel Factors

There are different types of solar panels as well as cells, ensure that you select the one that best meets your energy needs. You will also get numerous other options.

Monocrystalline panels

They are thought to be the most efficient type of panel for efficiency because they're made from the purest type of silicon. This makes it possible for electrons to move freely and create more energy. These panels last the longest have the potential to reach 20% efficiency.

Polycrystalline panels of polycrystalline

Polycrystalline panels are a bit cheaper and are made from fragments of silicon. Monocrystalline panels are the most effective and most efficient, and are in use for quite a while. However, panels made of polycrystalline can still be a viable alternative. They can attain between 15 and 17 percent efficiency.

Thin-film panels

Thin-film panels tend to be the least efficient and most durable but they are also easy to set up. They usually achieve about 11 percent efficiency.

Also, consider the dimensions of the panel. Bigger doesn't always mean better , since the effectiveness of the cell is an important aspect. But the greater the areas of the surface, the greater solar energy a panel can get. Advosy Energy can help you in all aspects of this.

Real-World Factors

These environmental aspects must be considered when constructing panels or trying to increase the efficiency of panels.


Although solar panels can still perform on sunny days however, they are still affected by the conditions. In the event of a cloudy day, they will produce less energy than what is normally produced, and a lot of snow could also be a hindrance into the panel's performance.

Panel Orientation

The proper installation is crucial to solar efficiency. The orientation of the panel can have an impact on how the cells can access the sun. It is best to have a professionals who install solar panels from Phoenix evaluate the design and placement of your solar panels to ensure that the panels get as much continuous exposure to sunlight as they can.


The trees around buildings or even portions of the roof itself can affect the extent of exposure to sunlight that panels receive, thereby reducing their effectiveness. However, with proper design, these shading losses can be reduced.

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